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The UOIG selects one analyst each year to win the Slots game onlineAnalyst best online betting sitesof the Year Award. This award goes to the analyst who did thorough research, created detailed reports, and went above and beyond throughout their tenure with the group. Below is a table of past year’s winners:

Year Name
2023 best online betting sitesFinn Whittaker
2022 Sarah Gentry
2021 Shawn Recca
2020 Jeffrey Yang
2019 Rebecca Reynolds
2018 Connor Jackley
2017 Jordan Shimabuku
2016 Jacob Gram
2015 Graham Simon
2014 Maury Bardovi
2013 Mike Saeks
2012 online live casino gamesSteven Enders
2011 Owen Hyde
2010 Lee Lenker
2009 Russell Sneddon
2008 Bryce Stadick
2007 Wyatt Hirsch
2006 Matt Gunsul
2005 Ashis Shrestha
2004 William Wee
2003 Carrie Johnson
2002 Abbey Frost
2001 Online Live CasinoMeghan Boehm
2000 Ian Haas